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Millions of People Have Now Disappeared – Worldwide

READ THIS FIRST: Right now, not a single person on the earth knows what’s just happened; no not one. Because all who knew this truth are now missing, which is precisely the reason why we’ve been removed. It’s also why we’ve pre-written this site for all who remain – so that you may know the truth.

We implore you to read this carefully and objectively because your very own life depends on it. Yes, we are highly serious. Do not ignore this warning – the imminent consequences of doing so are dire.


As you’re aware millions of people are now missing from all over the world, having seemingly just disappeared off the face of the earth, vanishing instantly without a trace.


So what are you to make of this perplexing reality?


To answer this, let us start with a question: Do you believe God exists? Well regardless of your answer, you’re about to find out. Because an imminent supernatural event is about to definitely prove or disprove the existence of God to all people once and for all - and here’s why:


The Claim: The God of the Bible declares that shortly after this global disappearance, those who remain on the earth will eye-witness Him rain down fire from heaven to devour a massive military alliance that’s attempting to invade Israel.


The Verdict: If this doesn’t happen, then quite obviously the Bible is false and therefore the God of Israel is also definitively disproven as mere mythology. But if this does happen, then the existence of God and the authority of His declared Word in the Bible, is likewise definitely proven as truth.


Why is this important?  Because if God does in fact rain down fire from heaven to prove His Word in the Bible as truth, then you’re about to endure some indescribably horrendous personal suffering over the next seven years. 


This is because God states His motive for this undeniably supernatural act is to prove His existence, supreme authority and power to all who dwell on the earth, and after doing so, He’s going to pour out His wrath on all the inhabitants of the earth during a seven year period known as the Tribulation.

Fire from heaven… sounds impossible right?  Wrath of God… that’s just fiction isn’t it?  Before you get too comfortable, there’s something else you should know. 

The supernatural global disappearance you’ve just witnessed was also prophesied by God. Including how it would happen and even when it would happen. Furthermore, He also claims responsibility for doing it. This event is known by Christians as the rapture or “catching up” (harpazo in original biblical Greek) of “the Church” – being God’s faithful people.

Now, at this point you’ve probably got a lot of skepticism and that’s perfectly normal. In fact the Bible actually encourages you to evaluate the evidence to validate its integrity – which is exactly what this site intends to do for you – because nobody wants to believe in a lie.

This site will explain all about the missing people in detail.  We’ll also explore God’s claim to rain down fire from heaven and various other supernatural events prophesied in the Bible to occur over the next seven years, including exactly what God’s wrath entails.

Think this is all falsehood? That’s okay, God prophesied this too. If the simple fact that we knew about this mass disappearance before it happened is not convincing enough for you, then when you see fire raining down from the sky on the evening news you might change your mind.  But in the meantime just make sure you download the PDF of this site before you leave, because the Government will take it down shortly (we’ll explain why later) and you may regret not doing it now while you’ve still got the chance.

For the rest of those who seek the truth, read on.


The missing people and what’s next…

Some immediate answers for you:  

  • Are more people going to disappear like this? No
  • Are all the missing people safe and unharmed? Yes
  • Will I ever see them again? Yes
  • When will they be coming back? In seven years
  • Where are they now? Heaven
  • What will happen next? God’s wrath on sinful mankind
  • Can I be saved from God’s punishment for sin? Yes.  God is loving and merciful
  • Can you prove all this?  Most definitely, it’s the purpose of this site.

The fact that millions of people have just disappeared is a truly horrifying reality; and what’s about to follow is even more disturbing. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. So let us take your hand and lead you step-by-step safely through the darkness and into the light of understanding exactly what all this means for you.


We’ll answer all your questions in detail, including:  

  • Who are these missing people and what actually happened to them?
  • Why are there still Christians here?
  • How did all these people get into heaven?
  • What about all the children?
  • Who is deserving of God’s wrath?
  • What happens before God’s wrath on mankind begins?
  • What exactly does God’s wrath involve?
  • What should I do now?
  • How can I be saved?

We’ll even tell you how and why the government will attempt to deceive you about what happened to all the missing people. 

But first, it’s prudent that we validate the authority of this site, lest you consider questioning our credibility.



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